Dance Gallery

Mid-West Steel Building Co.

Dance Gallery, a 10,044 square foot dance studio, is located in Lubbock, TX and utilized metal systems from Mid-West Steel Building Company.

Dance Gallery features a field-seamed Double-Lok roof on a 1/2:12 single slope. It also incorporates “R” panel walls, oversized gutters and downspouts, insulated purlins and overhead and walk door openings.

The project was designed and constructed to meet the current International Energy Conservation Code. The clear-span capabilities of the pre-engineered building system were the key to providing column-free dance studios. The building contains four separate studios.

The general contractor was Structure Building Partners, Inc. of Lubbock, TX; the erector and roofing contractor was M and M Steel Fabricators of Lubbock, TX; and the designer was Michael P. Lowe, MPL Designs, Inc.

About Mid-West Steel Building Company

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