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Atlantic Health Jets Training Facility

Mid-West Steel Building Co.

In September 2008, the Atlantic Health Jets Training Facility was finally completed. After about 18 months of construction, the nearly 85,000 square-foot indoor practice facility was ready for the National Football League’s New York Jets to hit the turf.

Metal building systems from Mid-West Steel Building Company played a key role in the construction of the facility.

Bill Senn of the New York Jets expressed how pleased he is with the new building, “We chose a metal building because it offered some flexibility to work with and we could incorporate some architectural aspects into the building as well. We feel confident that a metal building will serve us well over time.”

This indoor practice facility features an architectural feel that integrates it into the same style as the other buildings on campus and offers some dimension as well. In addition, the space features a lot of natural light as well as a state-of-the-art sport lighting system for video taping purposes. The practice field is full-size and the uprights are extendable to avoid obstructions.

The indoor practice facility is utilized by the team as they gear up for the NFL season. Practices are able to be filmed for playback by the coaching staff and the coaching staff can even monitor practices from their coaching platform which is located 70 feet above the playing surface. The sheer size of this new indoor practice facility allows for full punts and even kickoff returns, whereas the previous structure did not.

The Atlantic Health Jets Training Facility features Double-Lok® roof panels which are designed to endure high-force winds. This field-seamed system is machine-jointed with a true 360-degree seam, which is mechanically locked. This training facility features a 3:12 roof slope. The dimensions of the structure are 212’ 5” x 400’ x 77’.

The general contractor was Hunter Roberts Construction Group, Bedminster, New Jersey; the architect was Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, LLP, New York, New York; and the builder/erector/roofing contractor was Super Steel Structures, Galveston, Texas. The metal building manufacturer was Mid-West Steel Building Company, Houston, Texas.

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