Metal Sales™ Introduces High-Performance Insulated Metal Panel Line

IMPower Series™ Provides Superior Performance And Ease Of Installation

Metal_Sales_IMPower_1.jpgLouisville, KY - Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation, one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of metal roof, wall and fascia panels, has announced the addition of insulated metal panels to its robust offering of single-skin products.

The IMPower Series™ from Metal Sales™ offers superior thermal performance, low maintenance and excellent resistance to high winds, water infiltration, fire and hail. Its compact and continuous insulation provides high R-value required by many new energy codes.

“Our IMPower Series lets building designers and owners capitalize on the energy savings and beauty of metal,” says Christian Nolte, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Metal Sales. “It’s another example of the Metal Sales commitment to offer our customers a diverse portfolio of products that inspire them to design Net-Zero, sustainable and high-performance buildings.”

Metal_Sales_IMPower_2.jpgAdditional sustainable benefits include 100% recyclability and at least 30% recycled steel. The Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) values of the panel colors can contribute toward LEED® credits. The IMPower Series produces no measureable Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and has no Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP). The panels also meet current EPA blowing agent requirements for the reduction of Global Warming Potential (GWP).

The IMPower Series includes a standing seam roof panel, high rib exposed-fastened roof panel and five insulated wall panels in a variety of profiles and textures. The IMPower Series is available in a variety PVDF or SMP color options. Panels can be installed in vertical or horizontal applications, adding to design options. The stiff assembly profile of the IMPower Series allows for excellent spanning and load carrying capacity.

“Metal Sales continues to invest in products that provide customers with what they need to grow their business,” says Nolte. The IMPower Series is yet another example of that commitment.”

About Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation

Metal_Sales_logo.jpgMetal Sales Manufacturing Corporation is a premier nationwide provider of metal panels for the construction industry. Metal Sales works with architectural specifiers and commercial construction professionals to create inspirational design solutions. With one of the industry's largest and most knowledgeable sales and technical support teams, Metal Sales has the expertise to address today's challenges in high-performance, sustainable and Net-Zero building. Metal Sales has outreach around the world, delivering outstanding roof, wall and fascia metal panels from its 21 facilities throughout the U.S. For more information, visit

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