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Coating For Metal Panels To Prevent Condensation


CondenStop is used to effectively prevent problems caused by condensation in metal buildings and roof systems. CondenStop can replace blankets and retarders or protect insulation in open metal roof systems. The CondenStop fleece, applied to the underside of metal panels, prevents dripping and keeps building contents and insulation dry. CondenStop was first introduced 15 years ago and is the clear market and technology leader. Leading metal suppliers, panel manufactures and contractors use CondenStop to prevent a real metal roofing issue and to generate extra business and profits.

The CondenStop fleece absorbs, stores and re-releases significant quantities of condensed moisture when condensation occurs.

CondenStop enhanced panels can be used in new and retrofit projects. Components like ridge caps, interior gutters and other parts that are prone to cause condensation problems can be covered with CondenStop too. Application onto panels and components can be done by the manufacturer or contractor.

About CondenStop®

CondenStop logo.jpgCondenStop® delivers a proven and certified quality solution for managing visible and hidden condensation in single skin and open metal roof systems. CondenStop® has been developed by Lantor, recognized world-wide for its innovative nonwoven products and applications since 1958. Lantor is a fully ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified company. The company's global clients use over 150 million square feet each year. Lantor develops and manufactures high performance nonwovens for the cable, composite and metal roofing industries. In the U.S., the company offers regional warehousing by the distributor FastenersDirect in New Washington, IN (800-450-3986) to provide the best possible service for U.S. customers. For more information, visit

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